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Botanic Spaceship_4 Week_ School Project

This work was done during our 4 week of Enviroment course at FutureGames. Where we had to create an enviroment from scratch. I decided to create some sci-fi enviroment since I was always curious and passionate about sci-fi visuals. Especially visuals like Star Citizen with clean design.

So for this project I wanted to explore and try something new aswell to learn new techniques that I havent done before, especially I wanted to get better insight knowledge of getting these futuristic visuals. Aswell working with trim sheets, creating shaders, unwrapping assets for trim sheet workflow, modularity, weighted normal workflow and lighting.

For the mood and overall workflow I took a lot of inspiration from Star Citizen (so there were ton of research of how they do it ) and how they create their enviroments and models, especially indoor scenes like spaceships. So it involved a bit of research, gathering reference images, creating a lot of sketches.